When it comes to skincare, a lot of people reach for the most expensive, strongest skin products in order to tackle their troublesome acne or fine lines.  However, I tend to reach for more natural, simple products that replenish the elements naturally made in my sin.  In my mind, your skin is a naturally occurring thing, so use naturally occurring products.

That being said, when I heard rantings and ravings about a company called Simple, I knew I wanted to give it a try.

I was disappointed.

I realized after purchasing the product that it was not an all natural product.  No, they do not lie to their audience and claim that it’s all natural.  However, their brand name is quite misleading in that area. When I think of the word simple, I think of natural and easy to make.  Chemicals and sulfates are not what comes to mind.

This cleanser lathers extensively, to the point where I can’t use the cleanser without getting suds in my nose, mouth, and eyes, even using a very small amount, indicating that there are a significant number of sulfates in the cleanser.  Definitely not simple.

That is not to say that this cleanser broke my skin out or had any harsh repercussions.  It didn’t.  I found my skin to be soft and smooth, with no more or no less breakouts than I had before using the cleanser. However, I prefer to use products on my face with ingredients that I can pronounce.

Photo by Homemaking Hacks.

What do you guys think of Simple skincare products?  Let us know!