Entrees ready for the table at the Solstice in Kingston.

My boyfriend and I were looking for an upscale restaurant where we could go to celebrate our two-year anniversary, and we found a lovely little place called Solstice in Kingston, Mass.

According to their menu, they serve “creative American cuisine” which includes fish, steak, duck and other types of entrees cooked and served in ways you might not expect.

While the menu was limited and the entrees expensive, the food was very delicious and the atmosphere dreamy and romantic.

We went on a Tuesday, not a typical busy dinner night, but there were still a lot of people there and the restaurant is on the small side. We got a table immediately, but I would opt for a reservation in the future, especially if we go on a Friday or Saturday night.

The waiter brought a basket of warm crusty bread and a small plate of swirled butter. They also left a big glass bottle of crystal clear water on the table so you can refill your glass as you want. The glass bottles were very cute, and convinced me to drink a whole lot of water just so I could use it. The bottles appeared to be refillable, but the water tasted much better than the usual tap water you receive at restaurants.

We ordered an appetizer of shellfish, with mussels and clams steamed in a peppery broth. It was very delicious with a kick of spice from the peppers and bits of sausage in the broth.

My boyfriend ordered the duck, both a breast and leg sweetly marinated, served with arugula and thick-cut cornbread croutons. I ordered a special, jumbo sauteed scallops with creamy lobster risotto and asparagus.

The food was delicious and cooked thoroughly while remaining moist.

Coconut Cake At Solstice

This is the coconut cake that we ordered at Solstice in Kingston.

The entrees, however, were very small–there were only three scallops on my dish. At these prices, almost $30 per entree, the portions were slightly disappointing, but the quality of the food made up for it since we were out for a special occasion. Next time I’ll plan on ordering a side if I am hungry.

We then shared the coconut cake, which was a creamy and light finish to the meal. The plate was drizzled with chocolate and there was a fresh strawberry cut on the side of the dish. The size of the slice was perfect to share after an appetizer and entree.

Overall, the food was of high quality, served with flair, and–true to their description–creatively cooked.

The setting of the restaurant was beautiful, with two table clothes and small oil lamp candles on each table.

Besides the small portions, the time between each course was very long. We ended up being at the restaurant for almost two hours. It was a nice time to relax and chat, but we were glad we didn’t have to be anywhere at a certain time afterwards.

This is a great spot for a special occasion. I definitely recommend it.

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