Review: ‘The Office’ Starts New Year With ‘Lice’

Review: ‘The Office’ Starts New Year With ‘Lice’

The Office must have gotten dirty during their end of the year hiatus, because they came back with “Lice”!

With Jim going between Philly and Scranton for his new job, Pam is left to take care of the kids mostly on her own. When Pam’s eldest gets lice at school, she inadvertently infects the rest of Dunder Mifflin with, as Dwight calls them, “scalp leaches, skull vampires, follicle gypsies, hair lawyers.”

Preparing to join Jim for the new job in Philly, Darryl convinces Val to break up with him. His advice for convincing someone to break up with you? Say “What are you going to do, break up with me?” as a joke, then gain a lot of weight.

These two plot threads were great for a couple of reasons – one, Meredith shaves her head, and two, Darryl’s secret smiles to the camera whenever no one’s looking. There’s also a great moment when Kevin asks the now-single Val out on a date.

We also got a good amount of crazy Dwight this episode, with his immaculately clean scalp, a HAZMAT suit, and an insecticide grenade. The HAZMAT suit and the clean scalp fit Dwight, but the insecticide grenade seemed a little much.

Other than a lot of great lice moments, not much else happened this episode. Sure, there’s the part where Jim’s lying to Pam about what he’s doing in Philly, and Pam lying to Jim about how horrible her day is going, but…that really wasn’t that interesting.

And Jim getting to play basketball with Julius Irving was great for the character, but it didn’t add anything to the episode.

The only other notable part of “Lice” was the continuing to bud relationship between Erin and Pete. It’s still cute and playful in the way things used to be with Jim and Pam. In fact, Erin is Pete’s to steal away in the same way that Pam was Jim’s to steal away. All they need now is for Erin to be engaged, and it’ll pretty much bring the whole show full circle.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Was it a good way for The Office to ring in the new year?

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