TWD Who will arrive terminusRick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) has been absent from “The Walking Dead” for the last three episodes. That’s about to change. This Sunday’s season four finale will heavily feature “The Walking Dead’s”  faithful leader.

This season focused on the lengths characters go to for survival. All of our characters have demonstrated unyielding strength outside of their group dynamic. This Sunday, it is Rick’s turn.

Chances are viewers will witness Rick’s dark turn. The ambiguous finale synopsis states that Rick will deal with unprecedented savagery.

In a zombie apocalypse where his wife died, his newborn daughter vanished, his nemesis, the Governor, nearly beat him to death, and his conscience is haunted by the prison’s destruction, it’s difficult to believe the worst is yet to come.

There are several sneak peeks for the highly anticipated “The Walking Dead” finale, but they all focus on the same image. Rick sits against a wall with his knees drawn towards his chest. His face is spattered with blood, his blank eyes drift to the distance, and his bloody hands tremble. The camera lingers on Rick’s blood stained hands.

Based on the emphasis on Rick’s hands, it’s clear he is responsible for producing the new level of savagery. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Robert Kirkman, “The Walking Dead” creator, stated that Rick Grimes will shock viewers in the season’s final episode.

Rick has killed opponents in battle, living and undead, but this kill will be intimate. His victim and motive remain a mystery. Joe and his men are gaining on Rick, Carl, and Michonne. Rick already lost one child, so he would rip a man limb from limb if Carl was threatened.

In the comics, Carl is nearly sexually assaulted by bandits while Rick’s group joins Abraham on his mission. Rick’s primal instincts kick in and he savagely fends off Carl’s attacker using only with his teeth.

“The Walking Dead,” television series  is not likely to include the attempted sexual assault, especially after omitting Michonne’s brutal rape. It is likely, though, that Carl will be the catalyst for Rick’s wrath. In finale previews, Carl separates from Rick when he hears distant cries for help. The separation may threaten Carl’s safety and Rick’s humanity.

We’ve seen Rick teeter close to the edge,but he has always found his way back. Hopefully tapping into his animal instincts does not push him too deep into darkness. “The Walking Dead” season 4 finale airs Sunday March 30th at 9:00 P.M. on AMC.

Until then, we can pass the time speculating the episode’s imminent death. Who do you think Rick will rip apart? Will Rick recover from the atrocity? You can post your predictions in the comment section.