The popular sitcom, “The Office” will soon be losing Steve Carell, but show creator Ricky Gervais has a replacement in mind, the talented Will Arnett. Ricky Gervais met with NBC executives and recommended Will Arnett as a regular on the show, or even as a possible replacement for Steve Carrell. Ricky Gervais wrote “I think Will Arnett is amazing” on his blog.

Will Arnett starred in the popular sitcoms, “Arrested Development” and “Running Wilde” as a bumbling leader who takes charge. Rick Gervais has told NBC that Will Arnett has the personality to fill the “boss” position that will be left empty by Steve Carell. Carell told NBC executives he “wanted to focus on his movie career.” Carrell recently starred in the comedy “Dinner for Schmucks” and is most famous for his performance in “The 40 Year-Old Virgin.”

NBC is remaining elusive on the matter and has yet to make a decision on using Arnett in the series, either as a regular or replacement as office boss. Will Arnett has not made any public statements in pursuing the recommendations of Gervais, but is expected to reply sometime next week.

Ricky Gervais recently made headlines with his irreverent jokes at the Golden Globes. Gervais lightened his performance in the second half of the Golden Globes awards show at the request of Golden Globe producers.