Rise Of The Guardians Review: An Enjoyable, Family, Movie

Rise Of The Guardians Review: An Enjoyable, Family, Movie

Rise of The Guardians, which hit theaters last week, offers a different take on a holiday themed release.

The animated film is based on the work of William Joyce. It tells the story of holiday characters joining forces to face a common threat.

In Rise of The Guardians, Jack Frost seeks his identity while living up to the responsibility of being a Guardian.

Together with the likes of North (Santa Clause) and the Easter Bunny, Jack must defeat Pitch (The Boogieman), who seeks to destroy the beliefs of children everywhere.

While the story is pretty straight forward, there is some depth to it, especially in the way it explores the power of belief.

Rise of the Guardians has a star studded cast. Chris Pine is the voice of Jack Frost, a rebellious hero who is easy to get behind. Then there’s Alec Baldwin as jolly old North, Hugh Jackman as the Easter Bunny, and Isla Fischer as the Tooth Fairy.

Jude Law is the villain Pitch, and is as intimidating as he is entertaining. Law really brings the theatrics to this role and makes the Boogeyman memorable.

The animation is a blend of colorful imagery and well defined characters. One of the best elements to the animation is the filmmakers use of lighting.  Scenes such as Pitch’s lair left a lasting impression because of the contrast of light and dark. The animation is top notch.

While Rise of The Guardians may not be DreamWorks’ most revolutionary film, it is worth seeing. It makes a unique statement as a holiday film and is good, fun, family entertainment. It may not deal with the spirit of Christmas, but Rise of The Guardians receives 4 hats in its stocking.

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