Just one day after Procter and Gamble (P&G) recalled specific lots of its Iams ProActive Health Smart Puppy dry dog food, Cargill Animal Nutrition is recalling certain brands of its dog food for the same reason.

Cargill announced a recall today of the 40 and 50 pound bags of marksman and River Run dog food products. According to a statement by Cargill, the recall is a precautionary measure due to the detection of unacceptably high levels of aflatoxin. Aflatoxin is a natural byproduct of mold. The company is advising consumers to have River-Run-Dog-Foodtheir pets seen by a veterinarian if they display sluggishness and lethargy, along with a reluctance to eat, are vomiting, have diarrhea, or have a yellowish tint to their eyes and gums. At this point no reports of ill animals have been received by Cargill.

The specific packages of dog food being recalled are:
RIVER RUN PROFESSIONAL FORMULA 27-18 Dog Food, 50 pound bags
RIVER RUN 21% Protein Dog Food, 40 and 50 pound bags
RIVER RUN Hi-Pro No-Soy Dog Food, 40 and 50 pound bags
MARKSMAN DOG FOOD 24% Protein 20% Fat, 40 pound bags
MARKSMAN DOG FOOD 20% Protein 10% Fat, 40 and 50 pound bags
MARKSMAN DOG FOOD 28% Protein 18% Fat, 40 pound bags

The recalled items have the Packaging Date Codes (lot numbers): 4K0335 through 4K0365, LL0335 through LL0365, 4K1001 through 4K1335 and LL1001 through LL1335.

The dog food was distributed in 13 states; Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Hawaii, Florida, California; plus in both Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands.