Rusk Sensories: Brightening Purple Shampoo Review

When I decided to ombré my hair, I knew I wanted to find a purple shampoo to prevent my hair from turning that nasty, brassy orange color.  I went to Ulta on a hunt for purple shampoo (not the easiest task, by the way) and came across the Rusk Sensories brand.  It was one of the less expensive options, in comparison to brands such as Paul Mitchell, and it claimed to be sulfate-free, so I decided to give it a shot.

The first thing I noticed?  It’s definitely sulfate-free.

This shampoo does not lather at all.  Maybe that’s a good thing, but for me, I worry that it doesn’t properly clean the oils out of my hair without lathering.  I don’t use this on the roots of my hair for that reason.  Luckily, with ombré hair, I only need it on the bottom half of my hair.  I use a different shampoo for my roots and then let this shampoo sit on the bottom half of my hair for about a minute in the shower once a week.

As for combatting the brassiness, I’ve noticed that this shampoo actually helps with the color.  If I’m noticing my hair feeling less vibrant blonde and more brassy orange, I’ll use this shampoo for two days in a row instead of just once a week and it works wonders.  It brightens up the color and makes it look a lot more natural.

As for the lathering issue, if you don’t need to have a shampoo lather to feel like it’s doing its job, this could be great for you.  I don’t doubt that the shampoo does its job: cleaning your hair.  It’s a mentality for me, feeling like the bubbles are cleaning my hair.  Maybe some of you are like that too.

Have any of you tried Rusk’s purple shampoo?  What about other purple shampoo brands?  Let us know what you thought!

Consumer Expert Meg Thomson

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