Samsung Dancing Ninjas YouTube Ad Pokes Fun At Apple – Here It Is!

Samsung Dancing Ninjas YouTube Ad Pokes Fun At Apple – Here It Is!

Samsung Iceland launched a very interesting ad that basically takes a jab at the Apple iPhone by using a real apple as a metaphor.

It was posted on the company’s YouTube account on July 1st and already has over 400,000 views.

The new ad is definitely enjoyable and it is obvious that the recent troubles between Samsung and Apple still affect their business relationship.

We have symbolism, sarcasm and a very interesting ad that is simple and yet highly impactful.

Besides the Apple symbol, we also have dancing ninjas and a dancing smartphone user in front of a goat.

While this is very different from the more normal Samsung ads we are used to seeing, the really strong jab towards Apple will make Android users smile.

iPhone lovers… they get no love with this one.

The ad is below – make sure that you watch it 2-3 times so that you can see all the symbols and enjoy it properly.

Then tell us what you think!

Consumer Expert Adrian Cruce

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