A new subscription service called MoviePass is being promoted as a way to make movies affordable again.

Remember the good ol’ days, when movie ticket prices, like gas prices, made sense? $3 a ticket, and sometimes that was for a double feature!

These days, a single no frills movie ticket can cost up to $12, and that’s without 3D or concessions. For that price, might as well wait for it on DVD or Blu-Ray and pay the same amount to own the movie.

But MoviePass says that for a $29.99 a month subscription, movie-goers can watch as many movies as they want in theaters. Watch three movies in a month, and MoviePass pretty much pays for itself.

The $29.99 subscription doesn’t cover concession prices or 3D flicks, and there are a couple of restrictions.

Taken from the website:

  • You can see one 2D movie per day
  • You can see each movie one time
  • Your MoviePass is non-transferable

But there is a catch: As LifeHacker reports, although MoviePass is a monthly membership, users have to sign up for an annual account and pay monthly, similar to signing up for a cellphone service or cable. And like a cellphone service, there are steep fees for terminating that contract early.

Using MoviePass sounds simple enough, but requires a smartphone. Movie-goers that sign up for the service will receive an app for their smartphone and a Discover-made membership card. MoviePass members simply use the MoviePass app to select a movie and theater, check-in at the venue, and use their membership card to pick up their ticket.

The service is currently invite only, but LifeHacker has some invites available for anyone wanting to give MoviePass a shot. There is also a sign up form on the MoviePass website.

What do you think of MoviePass? Is it something you’d be willing to try?