The video of the school board shooting in Panama City, Florida, has been released on YouTube and is shown below.

In the video, which was taken on Tuesday, 56 year old Clay Duke disrupts the meeting, paints a V with a circle around it on the wall, then points his gun at school board members.

School board member Ginger Littleton escapes the room, but returns, coming up behind the gunman and attempts to whack the gun out of his hand with her purse, but is unsuccessful.

As other board members remain in their chairs, as school superintendent Bill Husfelt tries to calm Duke. That to, is unsuccessful, and Duke fires on Husfelt and other board members.

Duke was then shot by Mike Jones, a security officer in the building. Duke then shots himself, and died at the scene.

The video was released by WJHG and is widely available through YouTube, one of the better versions posted on YouTube, by user ‘pinvj’, is below.

Warning: the video below contains violent content: