Sega is auctioning off some of the company’s harder to find memorabilia.

In a fundraiser for people that have been affected by the disaster in Japan, Sega of America is auctioning off some of its more sought-after items that the company has sold or given away at one point.

“Many of these items are from (the staff’s) personal collections and are things that they’ve held on to for years,” says Kellie, who writes for the official blog for SEGA and is also part of the Marketing team. “We also got some people internally to sign them in the hopes that it would increase the auction value. Everyone at SEGA has pitched in to help with this , and we just can’t thank them enough”

A few of the things being sold for the donation are a Sonic The Hedgehog 15th Anniversary Figurine, a Signed Vanquish Art and Statue combo, a Super monkey ball Ai-Ai T-shirt, a Sonic Colors Soundtrack from Japan that is signed by the Marketing team, and many other things, including the Official Bayonetta Costume that was custom-made and is “the only one like it in the world”, according to Kellie.

All proceeds from the auctions will go to the Red Cross for relief efforts in Japan. Additional information about participating in the auction is available through Sega’s website,