Shopcade, The App That Keeps You In Fashion

Staying on top of fashion trends is a full time job, however it just got a lot easier with the new app called Shopcade.

Called the “Pinterest of Shopping,” this popular fashion social network keeps you abreast what celebrities are currently wearing, let’s you see what other users are wearing and saying about it, and even lets you set up a wish list and informs you of any deals available for those items.

Of course, you also have the ability to make purchases from the retailers with direct links from the app as well.

The CEO and founder, Nathalie Gaveau, says “There wasn’t another app out there that was offering the online social shopper everything in one easy place. That’s our aim with Shopcade. Shopcade just makes shopping simple and fun.”

With a fan base of 800,000+ users and growing, Shopcade is already the world’s largest mobile (and web-based) social/shopping app. It has been embraced by the teen-set in both the US and the UK, where it all started. Young fashionistas often dictate the trends that end up on the runways of Milan and Paris, so bringing their opinions and voices to the forefront can be a key to future success.

There are 3 main components to this “easy-to-use” app…

  • Trends – updated daily, users can have a quick glance of what is “in” with celebrities, street fashions and beauty.
  • Looks – A “Pinterest” like wall of user submitted photos, opinions and links to purchase locations.
  • Me – Wish lists, looks and likes form the user that can be price watched for the best deal or shared through other social network platforms.

The app is relatively small, about 3 megs and can be found in Google Play or the Apple Store.

Is this something you think you can use? Or does it go over the line?

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Consumer Expert Frank Robles

Frankie Robles is a freelance writer from Louisville, KY. He and his wife enjoy traveling on their motorcycle to beautiful destinations all over. He is an avid gamer and lover of all things film and television.