Shopping apps are becoming a popular way to access coupons, take advantage to discounts, and compare prices. In an article posted today, PC World profiled 15 shopping apps, from bar code scanners – to one that indicates where the nearest bathroom is!

Whether it’s discount coupons at a glance, or a quick way to check price comparisons, shopping apps are intended to make shopping easier.

A sampling of apps profiled by PC World include:

‘Coupon Sherpa’s mobile app’, available now for the iPhone and available soon for Android and BlackBerry. This app searches for coupons with either a scan-able image or a numeric code that the cashier can enter at the store.  This app is currently offered as a free download.

‘Shopkick’ is a free app available for iOS and Android phones  This app collects rewards for the user to select retailers (Target, Macy’s, Best Buy to name a few) for checking in.  User check-ins earn points that can be redeemed.

‘Key Ring’ is the free app that scans and stores store loyalty cards, so when the card that is needed can be shown to the clerk on the Android, BlackBerry, iOS, or Windows phone handset.

Some of the profiled shopping apps are free, others have a modest cost. For more information, more app descriptions, and how to get them, visit PC World.