Silicone Case Cover For Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 From Smartphone Bay Review

Silicone Case Cover For Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 From Smartphone Bay Review

Let me start off by saying that I have a huge problem with dropping my phones. I actually had to repair my past phone 5 times because of this and now I just bought a Samsung Galaxy Mini.

Because of the fact that I had the dropping problem, I started to look for some sort of Samsung cover or a case. Obviously I did not want to keep taking this phone to be repaired as I did with the last one.

A friend recommended Smartphone Bay. At first I was skeptic but I decided to give it a try since I was basically nagged at all times.

Objectively speaking, I did not expect a free shipping deal to be good, as it never was in the past.

Leaving that aside, the case reached me really fast and the Samsung case was a perfect fit for my Mini. I did not opt for the screen protector and I did end up scratching the touchscreen when I dropped my phone. However, although it is obvious that I am pretty clumsy after dropping the phone just minutes after buying it, the rest of the phone had no marks.

The case did its job and that is why I bought it.

What I particularly liked was the precise fit and the fact that the case did look great as it has a finish that complements the Samsung Galaxy Mini.

What I did not actually understand is whether or not the screen protector is included and is free or not.

That part of the product description page here was a little weird. However, it is the only bad thing that I have to say. On the whole, my phone is protected and that is what I was looking for.

When talking about the price, it can be said that it is a little higher than what other stores offer. However, the design more than makes it up for the extra five dollars that you are about to pay and there is no shipping and handling so the extra money is covered.

Overall verdict?

Definitely recommended if you want something that feels better and you are willing to pay an extra 5 dollars for a Samsung silicone case.

The silicone case from Smartphone Bay is one that can be considered and there are also others that you can see by clicking here. This includes similar cases and covers for other Samsung devices, all designed to be a tight fit.

Do you buy your Samsung cases and covers online?

If so, did you buy from Smartphone Bay?

What was YOUR experience? Let me know and give me your recommendations below!

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