SimplyRain: An App for Insomniacs | Free for 48 hours

SimplyRain: An App for Insomniacs | Free for 48 hours

Reactor LLC has just announced that it will be giving away its new app, SimplyRain, early this week.

Shoppers will be able to claim this offer through the iTunes Store from midnight Monday morning to midnight Wednesday morning Pacific Standard Time.

Reactor’s new app is a sound generator, designed to replicate the ambient noise of a thunder storm.  The intensity of the rain and thunder this app produces can be modified by the user.  Users can also choose to oscillate the intensity of the rain using one of three preset levels.

The new app is advertised as a stress reliever, a sleeping aide and a concentration enhancer.

SimplyRain is not Reactor’s only creation; there also exists a sister app called SimplyNoise.  Both apps provide a similar function, except SimplyNoise generates random sound rather than a storm-like ambience.

SimplyNoise can create white, pink or brown noise with or without oscillations.

White noise has been effectively used to relieve the symptoms of tinnitus, a ringing in the ears often related to hearing damage.  Reactor LLC advertises this fact and also reputes that SimplyNoise is an effective stress reliever and sleeping aide.

Both apps are normally available from the iTunes store for $0.99.  There is also a free online-only version of each app available at the SimplyNoise website.

Have you tried SimplyNoise or SimplyRain?

Did it work for you?

Share your experiences below.

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