Six Flags Magic Mountain & Dollywood Have New Rides This Summer

What does one do during the summer?

Go to the beach, tan by the pool, or enjoy the family gatherings? Well one thing that one might do is enjoy the many theme parks that the U.S. has in store.

In the summer of 2013 many of these parks will have plenty of new rides in store for avid amusement park fans.

These rides just might bring out those many joyful screams that come for the thrill of rides. What is the summer without some amusement park adventure anyway? Screams are supposed to be half the fun!

So what are some of the new rides coming out this summer?

Dollywood’s Splash Country water park is adding a ride called the River Rush water coaster. Riders will be in a 237 foot-tall conveyor belt and then plunge down for a 25 foot drop at a 45 degree angle. Cedar Point in Ohio will have a roller coaster called Gatekeeper. It is said to be the fastest and longest winged coaster and was built at a price of $30 million.

Six Flags Magic Mountain will be launching their Full Throttle coaster. It will have the tallest vertical loop (160 feet) in the world and the riders will go through the loop twice. It will reach a speed of up to 70 mph and will have three launches. One of the launches even goes backwards!

We’ll be profiling parks throughout the summer – what are your favorites?

Consumer Expert Ajay Goel

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