Skype For iPad – Now Available!

Skype has finally been released today as a native app for the iPad in the U.S. iTunes Store. The Apple version of Skype will connect for video and voice chat with Macs, PCs and even H264 compatible devices including TVs. The device must have a camera to send video. There is also an instant messaging feature (including emoticons) with this release and existing Skype contacts are already available on login with a Skype account. It works over Wi-Fi or 3G.

Along with available landline and mobile calling with a little Skype Credit added to the Skype account, there is also an option to get an online number for accepting phone calls directly through Skype on the iPad.

The front and back facing cameras are both available during the session, but only on the iPad 2nd Generation.  The iPad 1st Generation is limited to receiving video only.

The iOS 4.0 operating system is required to use Skype video calling and there are other restrictions based on the mobile device.  The video send and receive is only available on the iPad 2nd Generation, iPhone 4, and iPod touch 4th Generation.  The iPhone 3GS can send and receive video using its rear camera. The iPad 1st Generation and iPod touch 3rd Generation can only receive video, but will be able to send audio.