Smart Glasses, Shirts, Hats… Is Wearable Tech Hot Or Not?

Smart Glasses, Shirts, Hats… Is Wearable Tech Hot Or Not?

Wearable tech, a phrase that is now becoming more and more popular among the media, is about to take the technology world by storm.

Every major tech company, be it Apple, Samsung , Microsoft or Google, has sent their minions to the labs in order to develop a product that will break new ground in this arena.

As the bubble of hype for this new breed of device boils over, it still however leads me to ponder what, if any, benefit do these devices actually afford the consumer.

What do we gain ?

Why should I, or any other consumer, care about a smart shirt, a smart hat or smart shoe? What do we gain? These are questions that these companies will be forced to address when trying sell these devices.

 One possible use of a smart shirt is to contact the hospital when it senses any physical blunt trauma.

Maybe a smart hat will automatically turn from left to right on your head depending on your fashion sense.

Smart underwear could adjust itself so you always get that  elusive “MMM MMM” snug fit.

The possibilities are endless…

What do we lose ?

I know this is probably not a major issue to most of you (especially you young ‘uns), but these devices will basically toss privacy completely out the window.

Gone will be the days where you can expect anonymity when walking down the road (unless you are a superstar) or even in the comfort of your own home.

Everybody (because of things like Google Glass) will immediately be able to find out your full name and history simply upon passing.

There will be organizations that will know your whereabouts everyday, every month, and every year for the rest of your life.

Also don’t ever again expect to live down any of the embarrassing moments that life ever so frequently seems  to push our way as it will be immediately recorded by just about everyone, and will inevitably be shared for all the world to see.

One thing is certain, with every technological advancement there are questions that have to be answered and potholes that have to be dodged. All we can really do is have a seat and(hopefully) enjoy the ride.

Consumer Expert Adrian Gordon

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