Android Police has released images of the new Google Play store.

The newly themed UI’s goal  is clear: content.

The new UI retains the current color theme of green for apps, blue for books, red for movies, and so on.

The UI has several changes, such as large backgrounds that contain the cover image for the product you are viewing and a completely reorganized header that puts beauty and functionality over raw efficiency.

As you can see in the article image, the new UI is a huge step towards converting the android environment to the new “Material Design” format that is prominently featured in Google’s new android release, Android “L.”

Google has stated that the update is far off, so don’t get your hopes up. In the meantime, why not check out Android L compared against Android Kitkat in this video.

You can also get a taste for Material Design with the newly updated “Google+” app on android.

What do you think of the new UI? Tell us about it below.