A sneak peek of  episode 414 of The Walking Dead, which airs this Sunday, is now available online.

Episode 414 is titled The Dead Grove and the clip, which is about a minute long, features Tyreese, Lizzie and Baby Judith.

Tyreese leaves Baby Judith with Lizzie as he goes to confront a walker that is heading towards him.

In an earlier episode this season it appeared that Lizzie was suffocating Baby Judith when she wouldn’t stop crying, so leaving them alone might have deadly results that have nothing to do with walkers.

There are only three episodes left this season, so the tension is mounting from episode to episode as fans wonder who might be killed off.

The Walking Dead is a story of a group of survivors during a Zombie apocalypse on the AMC channel.

The Walking Dead is currently in its fourth season.

The first three seasons are available on DVD, Amazon Instant Video, iTunes and Netflix. Netflix offers a free one month trial to new subscribers.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9 PM (EST) on AMC.

Here’s the sneak peek of episode 414: