The Social Network is now closer to an Oscar success since the movie managed to win 4 important awards offered by the National Society of Film Critics.

The Facebook origins movie was considered to be the best picture and David Fincher received the award for best director. The Social Network also won the Best Screenplay award for the work done by Aaron Sorkin.

The Social Network was also acknowledged for the cast. Lead actor Jessie Eisenberg won the Best Actor award for his role of Mark Zuckerber.

Now the specialists believe that the movie is one of the favorites for Oscar nominations. They are going to be announced on January 25.

At the awards ceremony we also saw the National Society of Film Critics criticizing the R-Rating that was placed on The King’s Speech. The rating was eventually lowered due to criticism that appeared all around the world.

Now the people that are involved in The Social Network are eagerly awaiting the Oscar Nominations and hope to land as many as possible.