Sons of Anarchy fans got some good news today: 2 of the shows recurring characters, fan favorite Happy and the newer Ratboy will be regulars for the seventh and final season.

David Labrava, who plays Happy, tweeted his excitement and gratitude over this development.

He has been on the show in a recurring role since the pilot episode.  His character name is quite ironic since he rarely flashes a smile.

Ratboy, played by Nico Nikotera has appeared on the show in a part-time capacity since season four.

Speculation is that both characters will be involved in the shows major plots since they have been promoted.

As News  For Shoppers reported last week Drea DeMatteo, who plays Jax’s ex-wife Wendy, will also be a regular.

Sons of Anarchy ended last season with the brutal murder of Jax’s wife Tara at the hands of her mother-in-law Gemma (Katey Segal) tensions spiraled out of control between Samcro and rival clunb .

All of this should make for an intense, explosive final season, and fans should expect no less from the always intriguing show’s creator, Kurt Sutter.

The final season of Sons of Anarchy will air this September on FX.

Will you be watching?  What do you think will happen?  Tell us what you think below.