Episode 6 of the  7th and final season ‘Sons of Anarchy’  kicked things into high gear as the show ended with Alvarez reuniting Juice and SAMCRO and Nero closing in on Gemma’s secret.

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-Last night’s episode started with Juice (Theo Rossi), after leaving Gemma (Katey Sagal) on the side of the road, took her truck and robbed a convenience store, badly injuring the worker.

Of course, genius that he is he didn’t look around and failed to notice 2 women in the back.

He then went to Alvarez (Emilio Rivera) offering information on the club in exchange for safe passage to Mexico.

-Alvarez meanwhile, played it smart and  sent the president of the other Mayans chapter to get Jax and tell him what Juice tried to do.

Jax and the club then showed up at the warehouse where Alvarez was with Juice and struck a deal with Alavarez to take down Marks and give the Mayans back the gun business.  Alavarez also agreed to give Tully (Marilyn Manson) permission to do business in Stockton, clearing Jax’s debt to him.

-Alvarez threw Juice in a closet with Nero (jimmy Smits), who Alavrez was holding to make sure he didn’t help Jax if things went wrong.  When Nero was let go he saw Gemma’s truck and learned Juice drove it to his meet with the Mayans.

-Alvarez then handed over Juice, who was led away by the club, presumably to what will be his final resting place

-Gemma, meanwhile, hiked it to a truck stop after Juice left her and proceeded to have another conversation with Tara, this time about how she knew Tara was different from the other girls Jax had dated from the moment she first saw her.

Waitress Gertie (Lea Michele), noticed Gemma talking to herself and decided to try and help her out.  Lea Michele was fantastic in the role, emoting sympathy for a very disturbed looking Gemma.

The 2 shared a cigarette, with Gerite admitting she married young and Gemma admitting she was “responsible” for her daughter-in-laws death, though she didn’t elaborate on how.

Unser (Dayton Callie) and Wendy (Drea DE Mateo) came to pick up Gemma, who lied and said Juice freaked out and left her for dead.  Unser knew Gemma was lying and gave Gemma an ultimatum:  give statement to the cops about the Chinese and Tara or he would.

Gemma was pissed and said she wouldn’t do it, but Jax told her it would help the club get in the D.A’s good graces and prevent them from making a deal with Lin, who was offering info on SAMCRO in exchange for a plea deal.

-Things only got worse as Nero confronted Gemma about helping Juice: Gemma panicked when she heard Jax had Juice and began to sob, but stopped short of confessing.

Nero began to suspect Gemma and is closing on on the truth.

-Jax met with Tyler and the Grim Bastards to come up with a way to get rid of Marks.  Jax later told Grim Bastards leader T.O (Michael Beach) that he wants to combine the 2 clubs eventually.

The club then helped the Grim Bastards eliminate a rival gang and used the bodies for double duty: they showed the bodies to Tully’s guy to build trust, then dumped them on Pope Industries property, pointing the finger at Marks.

-Wendy  confessed to Bobby (Mark Boone Junior) that she still loves Jax.

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