Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Ep 8 Spoilers: Who Will Rat Gemma Out 1st- Abel or Jury? [Video]

After seeing the previews for episode 8 of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ it is obvious Gemma (Katey Sagal) is living on borrowed time; the question now is who will rat her out 1st- Abel or Jury?

Turns out both Abel and Jury know a secret about Gemma that would make Jax (Charlie Hunnam) want her dead…

Hmmm… maybe Gemma should be the one asking Alvarez (Emilio Rivera) for a one-way ticket to Mexico.

Although it could go either way I am guessing Jury will be the first to reveal his secret and the previews back up this theory.

In the clip from episode 8, titled ‘A Separation of Crows’ Jury (Michael Shamus Wiles), leader of  the Indian Hills chapter of SAMCRO asks Jax if he has any idea what happened to JT the day he died.

As fans know Jury is old-school and was close with JT- odds are he knows it was Gemma who had JT killed.

If he tells Jax this, it will definitely have him gunning for dear-old mom, as Jax reveres his dad and would never forgive her for that.

The question is will Jury tell Jax what he knows- I think he will.

Remember, Jury is somehow related to one of the  guys he brought along to help when they ambushed Lin’s gun-drug trade and is aware that the club killed him.

Telling Jax would be a real punch in the gut after everything he has gone through so I could definitely see Jury twisting that knife.

It would also be a great twist as it would be a secret Gemma’s would never expect to come out.

As for Abel (Ryder & Evan Londo),  fans know he overheard grandma Gemma telling his little brother that she didn’t mean to kill their mommy.

However, I don’t see him running straight for Jax and telling him.

Abel has been having a hard time adjusting to Tara’s death as it is- remember, he was holding a hammer 2 weeks ago to “protect” his brother and he has been acting out a lot.

Hearing grandma say she killed mommy is definitely going to send him over the edge.

I think he will either hold it in as long as possible until he explodes or try to be like his dad and go after her himself.

That sounds out there, but show creator Kurt Sutter would not be afraid to tackle such a sensitive story-line, so it could play out that way.

More likely though, he will end up telling his teacher (Courtney Love), who will tell Wendy (Drea DeMatteo) eventually leading to the big reveal in the last 2 episodes.

It would be nice to see Wendy finally get one over on Gemma, who has been anything but nice to he for a majority of the past 6 seasons.

Personally, I would love for Gemma to walk in and go to hug Abel ,only to have him start screaming in front of everyone that he hates her for killing hos mommy- now that would be a hell of a scene.

Episode 8 of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ airs Tuesday,  October 28 at 10 P.M. (EST).

Who do you think will expose Gemma first?  Check out the clip below and tell us your predictions.

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