Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Ep.2:”Toil & Till” Streaming Info (FX/Amazon/Hulu) + Recap

Episode 2 of ‘Sons of Anarchy, “Toil & Till”, is now available for streaming through several outlets:

FX Networks has the episode available on their site to watch for free, but only with a participating cable provider.

Amazon has the episode available through their Amazon Instant Video Service for $1.99 (SD) & $2.99 (HD).

You can also purchase a Season 7 TV Season Pass, giving you access to every episode as soon as it’s available for $24.99 (SD) & $34.99 (HD).

There is no membership fee required to use these services, you just need to have an Amazon account.

To obtain an Amazon account all you need is a valid email address and your basic information, no purchase is required.

Hulu Plus also has the episode for Hulu subscribers, but since the episode just aired it can only be accessed through Hulu using a participating cable provider.

Hulu Plus costs $7.99 a month.

After watching tonight’s episode of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ there is one thought going through my mind: Does Kurt Sutter have any idea how brilliant he is?

I’ve had  this thought for years, but it has grown exponentially stronger this season and we’re only 2 episodes in!

Tonight’s episode, titled “Toil & Till” is the perfect example of the shows brilliance: in between all the action and blood there were intricate layers being added and removed from various relationships, compelling fans to watch and wonder how everything will play out.

After the opening montage where Jax is shown to be staying in the house where Tara died and staring at the spot where he last held her things turned action packed and ominous.

There is a scene in the beginning between Jax and Marks (Billy Brown), where Jax promises not to let his need for revenge cause a street war- a promise he has already broken and one that can lead to more irreparable damage down the line.

That sentiment is echoed again when they meet with Jury and the Indian Hills charter and he tells them his plan for revenge.  When Jury questions if that plan is a good idea and tries to remind him of his vision to go legit Jax tells him he has no vision anymore, he only sees whats in front of him.

This underscores how far gone Jax is and also how dangerous he is becoming to himself and those around him- living in the moment makes the club reckless, which could prove deadly.

It is already proving bloody and complicated as Jax and the club, along with Jury and his charter end up ambushing and  annihilating Lin’s men during a drug and gun trade.

There are 2 men that Jury has help them  and although he says the 2 guys are nobody that turns out to be a big and deadly lie.

When Henry finds out his men were killed he threatens war if Jax doesn’t find out who did it, so Jax, Bobby (Mark Boone Junior) and Chibs (Tommy Flanagan) set up those 2 young men to take the fall and kill them.

Jury finds the bodies and cradles one of them, insinuating they are related somehow.  Jury also sees a gun from earlier in the episode and may peace together that Jax is involved.

It wasn’t all business though, as  Nero began a “friendship” with Wendy (Drea DeMateo).  The 2 bond while taking a road trip to check out a school for Abel, comparing their rehab stints and discussing their kids.

That could be deadly for Wendy if Gemma (Katey Sagal) even suspects they are getting close or that Wendy wants to raise the boys. .

Speaking of Gemma, watching her tear up and tell Abel his mommy was an angel in heaven made my stomach turn.

Her duplicity knows no bounds and it was beyond disturbing to listen to her tell Juice (Theo Rossi) that Jax killing that poor, innocent guy helped give him closure.

Juice came to his senses and let Unser go free (really, he’s way to weak to hurt Unser) and told him he is laying low from Jax, but didn’t say why.

Unser knows something is up, but being the good guy that he is he offered to help Juice skip town despite being bound and gagged.

We also got to meet the new sheriff, Althea Jarry (Annabeth Gish), who gave Unser his gun back and access to Tara’s murder files.

Gemma saw the files and was actually upset at the gruesome images,  but she quickly recovered and used the info to scare Juice into leaving town.

With everything that is happened things are looking more and more grim for everyone, but there was one small beacon of hope: Jax finally went to see his boys.

As he laid down with Abel he began to silently cry , a sign that somewhere deep down there is still good left in him and he is not just an unfeeling killing machine.

Whether he can come to his senses for himself, his club and his boys remains to be seen, but it will be fun to watch it all unfold.

Do you think Jax will find himself before it’s too late for everyone?  Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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