Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 7 Recap:Abel Learns Gemma Killed Tara/Bobby Gets Taken

Season  after season episode 7 on ‘Sons of Anarchy’ has been a pivotal one and tonight’s show proved that to be the case one last time as the show dropped 2  bombshells: Abel learned that Gemma killed Tara and Bobby was taken by Marks.

For weeks we heard that it would be an “unlikely source” that told Jax who murdered Gemma (Katey Sagal)  and now we know who it is.

As if that poor little boy hasn’t had enough to deal with already- now he has to tell his daddy that grandma killed mommy- can you say therapy?

Abel stumbles upon the truth when he hears Gemma telling his baby brother Thomas that she killed mommy on accident.

Needless to say, it is only a matter of time before he says what he heard- and Gemma has no idea he heard her!

Bobby (Mark Boone Junior), meanwhile, was taken by Mark’s men in retaliation for their attempt to back him into a corner.

The show ended with one of Mark’s security team meeting Jax, Alavarez (Emilio Rivera) and both their clubs as they waited for Marks to show up.

The man handed them a box, which contained Bobby’s patches, a video of Bobby’s eye being ripped out with pliers and the eyeball in a container- leaving everyone stunned.

This whole mess started with Jax (Charlie Hunnam) handing Juice (Theo Rossi) his cut back on the side of a road while the rest of the club watched.

Juice then proceeded to shoot out the tires on a bunch of police motorcycles, engaging them in a chase that ended with them arresting him.

Turns out that was the plan all along as Jax wants Juice to kill Lin in prison, at which point he will be back with the MC.

If he doesn’t do it Tully (Marilyn Manson) will kill Juice (which is a likely outcome since Juice rarely does things the way he is supposed to).

Gemma, meanwhile, got the proposal of a lifetime when Nero (Jimmy Smits) asks her to leave with him to live on his uncles farm.

Nero has wanted out for a while and tells Gemma he is going to sell Diosa to Jax- Gemma is in tears because she knows with Tara’s murder hanging over her head there is no way she can go.

Nero ends up offering his half of Diosa to Alvarez- which should make things interesting.

Meanwhile Jax and the club visit the wife of the preacher they murdered and  convince her that Marks killed her husband.

She then signs papers saying Marks threatened her and her family in exchange for her and her son’s safety.

Jax figures that statement, combined with the preacher’s body being found on Pope Industries property, will be enough leverage to get Marks to back off without shedding more blood.

He then has Happy and Rat to go get Gemma and bring her to the cabin to help the preacher’s wife get sober.

Gemma, thinking Juice may have ratted her out panics when they come to get her and secretly tells Wendy (Drea De Matteo) to call Nero and tell him to go to the cabin.

This is also when she goes to say goodbye to Thomas and confesses.

Jax   has Tyler, meanwhile, bring Marks the paper, along with a picture of the body buried on Pope land and tells him to ask Marks to meet SAMCRO and the Mayans  at 6- unfortunately, we now know how that ended and it is not looking good for Bobby.

The question now is: when will Abel speak up and what will happen to Bobby?

Tell us what you think happens next below.

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