Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 8 Recap: Bobby Loses A Hand & Jury Dies As Chaos Reigns in Charming.

It is now evident that the repercussions from Jax’s need for revenge are just starting to take shape, as we saw Bobby lose a hand and Jury die in tonight’s emotional roller-coaster ride of a show- and it looks like things are going to get a whole lot worse.

Here’s a recap of episode 8’s crucial moments:

-Bobby lost another body part, his clutch hand, after the club failed to find him or negotiate his release.

FYI, one of Mark’s men was played by NBA star Carmelo Anthony.

-Chibs (Tommy Flanagan) had a moving scene with Jax in the opening minutes, explaining that no one blames him for Bobby (Mark Boone Junior) being taken and they all support his need to avenge Tara.

Jax, however, finally opened his eyes to everything that has happened and is now realizing that things are becoming completely undone- but it might be to little to late to stop the carnage.

-Thanks to some quick detective work Jax and the club discovered the young man they murdered during the Lin gun-drug trade, Gibs, was Jury’s (Michael Shamus Wiles) son and realized that Jury is the one who ratted them out to Lin.

-Jax confronted Jury and told him he knows Gibs was his son and that Jury ratted them out.  Jury explained that he hated Jax but did not rat him out.

He then told Jax that he could have been the one good thing to happen to the club, like JT wanted, but he has become pure poison instead.  He also insinuated that JT killed himself because he couldn’t stand what the club had become.

Jax became enraged and hit Jury, who fell and raised his gun at Jax, who then shot and killed him.

Jax told the club and Jury’s VP that Jury admitted he ratted them out, but Jury’s VP swore Jax was gonna pay and that he is too out of control.

Chibs later pulled Jax aside and asked him what Jury said- Jax lied and told Chibs there was nothing else to tell.

Chibs told Jax there was going to be heat for Jury’s murder, but again the club will stand by him.

-Abel continued down a dark and scary path as he once again lashed out.

After Gemma and Wendy (Drea De Matteo) went to pick him up for hitting a kid in his class they went back home and discovered that Gemma’s birds had been mutilated and there was a message on the wall saying ‘No Son is Safe’.

Gemma and Wendy had no clue that Abel is the one doing all this as a way of dealing with his grief and hatred.  When Gemma asked him why he hit the little boy he said it was an accident.

In the line of the night Gemma asked Abel if he knew what an accident was, to which Abel replied: do you?

-Juice (Theo Rossi) asked to speak with Unser (Dayton Callie) and Sheriff Jarry (Annabeth Gish) and offered to give them evidence of the Chinese killing Tara in exchange for being sent to Stockton (where Lin is).

Unser, who is convinced that Juice knows who really killed Tara, became suspicious of Juice’s story.

Do you think Jax will make it to the end?  Tell us your predictions below.

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