Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Finale Spoilers: There Is No Hope

It’s been over 12 hours since I watched  last night’s tragic episode of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ and  I still feel depressed because for the 1st time in 7 years I feel like there is no hope- not for Jax, his son or the town of Charming.

While fans everywhere were cheering at the demise of Gemma (Katey Sagal) I was crying at what I saw to be the total and utter destruction of Jax.

It seems like the image of the Grim Reaper wasn’t an omen of Jax becoming a killer but of Jax’s soul being killed.

Since it’s inception 7 seasons ago SOA has always been dark and gritty, but there was always a ray of light, a sense of hope underneath all the turmoil- until now.

Why?  Because all this time we have believed in something better because Jax believed in something better- now that he doesn’t what’s left?

Jax has always been more JT than Gemma, a man that was flawed, but trying to better himself, his family and his club.

Yes, he lost his way when Tara died, but his actions were ones resulting from grief and rage- they were temporary and unsustainable.

However, by killing his mom (an act I completely understand and  even rooted for) he  killed himself, making his transformation from flawed to irredeemable complete.

No matter how much Gemma deserved her fate Jax will not be able to live with himself for having to murder hi own mother, the one person he trusted besides Tara.

In an odd way killing Gemma gave her peace because to her it symbolized  that Jax was finally the man she wanted him to be.

Sadly, that man is everything Jax despises, which is why he agreed with the other chapters  for the Mayhem vote and promised his club would vote yes, essentially sealing his fate.

Nero (Jimmy Smits) was the only one who understood what this would mean for Jax, which is why he was so desperate for Unser (Dayton Callie) to stop Jax- not to help Gemma, but to save Jax.

Unfortunately, Unser (Dayton Callie) was too loyal to Gemma to handle the situation right and he lost his life along with Gemma- one more sin on Jax’s soul.

So now, as we approach the final episode the outcome seems bleak for Jax and everyone around him.

He may fulfill his father’s wish for a united brotherhood, but like his dad he may also lose his life in the process.

I said from the beginning that the death of Indian Hill’s president Jury would come back to haunt Jax and it has: the Chinese and Marks and his security team  have all been handled, the only issue is Indian Hills.

I know anything is possible, but right now I can’t see a way out for him, which leaves me once again feeling hopeless.

And even though I can see the symbolism in Jax’s death and the sense of it, I feel like it’s wrong.

I know the show’s focus has never been the kids but the idea that those boys will be without their mom, grandma and dad is beyond sickening.

Plus, I feel like Jax has suffered enough from all of Gemma’s lies and shouldn’t have to pay with his own.

To quote Unser : “look at where we are? When does the bloodshed stop?”

Kurt Sutter created a powerful, multi-dimensional character in Jax and Charlie Hunnam brought him to life with his incredible acting- killing him not only feels predictable, it feels senseless.

Sutter  said in an interview that his show is not all darkness and violence, but if Jax dies that is exactly what it will be because when Jax goes so does the hope.

What do you think will happen in the final episode?  Share your predictions below.

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