After 9 long, torturous months of waiting the season premiere of the 7th and final season of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ aired last night and let’s just say it was well worth the wait.

The final ride kicked off with a bloody, intense episode, aptly titled “Black Widower”,  that surpassed expectations and managed to spring a few surprises that will have fans talking for days to come.

*Spoiler Alert* This article contains spoilers from last night’s episode, so those who have not seen it should not read the rest of this.

As promised the episode was rife with blood and action from the start as the opening montage showed  Jax (Charlie Hunnam) systematically mutilating a fellow prisoner by carving a swastika into his stomach, while Juice( Theo Rossi) did naked push-ups and Gemma (Katey Sagal) played “grandma”.

It was obvious from that very first scene, even with no dialogue, that Jax is not just grieving, but consumed with anger and is no longer the Jax we knew. It would also appear that whether or not Jax can get back who he was will be the underlying theme of the season.

Jax, at his core has always been a man struggling with his need/desire to be a good man and try to take the club down a more legal path, like his dad, but as this season starts Jax has given up that struggle and fully embraced the outlaw life.

As the show progressed fans saw Jax committing more and more brutal acts of violence, culminating with the disturbing final scene where he kills the Chinese man he believes killed Tara thanks to more of Gemma’s (Katey Sagal) lies.

That scene was beyond gory and is a testament to the monster Jax is becoming, as he cuts and pours salt on the mans wounds before stabbing him in the head with a carving fork (nice touch of irony there).

As those scenes played out you couldn’t help but feel even more hatred for Gemma, who in essence sent an innocent man to his grave to ensure no one finds out what she did.

Gemma has always been duplicitous, but last night she went above and beyond and it was sickening to watch as Jax unknowingly praised the woman who so brutally murdered his beloved Tara.

In addition to getting an innocent man killed Gemma’s lie will also spark a war after Jax, with Nero’s(Jimmy Smits) help, had brokered a truce with the Chinese and the Mayans.

Among the rest of the nights developments:

-Juice tied up Unser (Dayton Callie), who found him hiding out in Wendy’s (Drea DEMatteo) apartment.

-Nero and Gemma reunited.

-The Grim Bastards and SAMCRO are working hand in hand, giving fans their first glimpse of Malcolm Jamal-Warner.

-Ron Tully (Marilyn Manson) also made his debut and his scenes with Jax were intriguing as they formed and alliance of sorts after Jax carved up that prisoner for him.

-Nero appears to be trying to get everyone to peacefully co-exist and may not be as tight with the Mayans as previously suspected. 

For those who still want to see the premiere episode it will be available on demand from most cable providers within 24 hours, so check with your company.

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