‘Sons of Anarchy’ fans listen up: by episode 9 or 10 death is coming to Charming and it’s taking someone you love.

Show creator Kurt Sutter recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly and hinted that a “major” character will die in episode 9 or 10.

That means (assuming Sutter is being honest) that for the next few episodes we can sit back and watch without worry- or does it?

After all, Sutter is famous for giving ambiguous hints that sound like they mean one thing but really means something else.

So when he says a “major” character, who exactly does he consider to be a major character?

When I hear that term I think of the regulars: Jax (Charlie Hunnam), Gemma (Katey Sagal), Juice (Theo Rossi), Tig (Kim Coates), Chibs (Tommy Flanagan), Bobby (Mark Boone Junior), Unser (Dayton Callie) & Nero (Jimmy Smits).

However, there are a bunch of recurring characters that could fall into that category too depending on how you look at it.

Wendy (Drea De Matteo) is a perfect example of this.  She is not on all the time, but she has been on since the beginning and has been involved in a lot of the big stories.

Alvarez (Emilio Rivera) falls in this category too.  He is not a “regular” in the sense that he is not apart of SAMCRO, but in many ways he is a major character and has been involved in almost every major story line.

You could even argue that Unser & Nero aren’t major characters..  I included them both, but for some Unser is not considered integral to the show and Nero is a more recent addition and could be seen as recurring.

However, if Wendy (or God forbid Unser or Nero!) were to die I think a lot of fans would be beyond upset, so I guess we still have to wonder and worry.

A lot of fans are guessing it will be Juice that dies, but I don’t know, he’s like a cat with 9 lives- he might make it to the end.

It could also be Gemma, as speculation is that Jax will find out what she did by episode 7 or 8, but I think IF she does die it will come during the last few episodes.

So if I had to guess I would pick Bobby or Tig.  Bobby  because of the screw-up with Jury and because I think fans would be the least upset out of the main 3 (Bobby, Chibs & Tig).

Tig because Venus is set to come back for episode 10 and now I’m thinking it might be because Tig is dead.

Who do you think the major character that dies will be?  Comment below and share your theories with us.