With just one week to go until the 7th and final season of  ‘Sons of Anarchy’ everyone seems convinced Juice (Theo Rossi) will die, including Juice himself- so will he be Jax’s 1st victim?.

As fans know Jax (Charie Hunnam), was looking to go after Juice for telling Nero (Jimmy Smits)  that Jax ordered him to kill Darvany.

So when  Juice helped Gemma (Katey Sagal) cover up her murdering daughter-in-law Tara at the end of season 6, along with Juice himself shooting Sherrif Eli (Rockmond Dunbar), fans were convinced he was a goner.

Even actor Theo Rossi has said in interviews that he doesn’t have much hope that his character will make it to the end, seeming to make it a fait accompli.

Now, show creator Kurt Sutter  has thrown fans some new information that sounds like Juice may end up being the 1st to feel Jax’s wrath, telling E! news that: “the body count is intense because Jax is in full vengeance mode.”

He also told TV Line that Juice has a: “frightening revelation about himself during episode 6”. “fans are in for a bloody surprise when episode 1 airs.”

That frightening revelation is probably the realization that there is no way for him to redeem himslef at this point and that his fate is sealed.

However, Katey Sagal recently revealed that while Gemma will be on a mission to make sure Juice stays quiet, she will also try to make sure he is okay.

Gemma can be a great ally, but knowing how manipulative Gemma is and how weak Juice is that could be a deadly combination.

Personally, I think Juice is a liability to the club because he IS weak, making him untrustworthy – but that doesn’t necessarily mean he will be killed, especially if he gives up Gemma to Jax.

If I had to bet though, my guess would be that Juice dies and Chibs (Tommy Flanagan), not Jax is the one to do it since Chibs has had a soft spot for him and tried to help him.

I think Chibs will feel the most betrayed by Juice in the end and be the one to pull the trigger.

In other SOA news Kurt Sutter also praised guest star Lea Michele for the job she did as a waitress in the upcoming season, proving she ain’t just a pretty face.

Michele plays a tuck-stop waitress ans single mom who befriends Gemma following Tara’s murder.

Sutter told TV Line that : ” she completely went there.  Not a stitch of makeup.  She’s just a frumpy waitress. She really got it and embraced what the show was.  I’m thrilled”.

That is high praise and sure to delight Michele, who is a long-time fan of the show and thrilled to make an appearance.

Those words should also quiet fans who thought casting Michele was a mistake because of her wholesome demeanor.

Season 7 of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ premieres Tuesday, September 9 at 10 P.M. (EST) on FX with an hour and forty-five minute episode.

Fans can catch up on past episodes, as seasons 1-6 are available on DVD.

Do you think Juice will die?  Share your predictions below.