Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Spoilers: New Pics & Episode Clues Reveal Who Survives

Although it is impossible to know what Kurt Sutter has planned for the finale of ‘Sons of Anarchy’, new  pics, along with hidden episode clues, reveal who survives the final ride, I think…

Filming for the final episode just wrapped a short time ago and as of now we know that Jax (Charlie Hunnam), Tig (Kim Coates), Happy (David Labrava) and Chibs (Tommy Flanagan) are all alive at the start of the episode thanks to photos published on social media.

Even more telling are photos that were leaked from what appears to be the final episode, which show Jax, minus his famous white sneakers, pointing a gun and facing off with Marks and an associate on what appears to be the steps of a church (check out the pics below).

Of course, the pics don’t tell us who survives that showdown, but my money is on Jax (and I have my fingers crossed too- just to make sure).

While all this information tells us a lot, it also leaves a lot out as a whole bunch of cast members are missing and I don’t think they’re all dead- well, I hope not.

However, there have been subtle hints and clues in the latest episodes that give us a good indication of what happens next, but with all that has been happening on and off set you might have missed it.

Lets’ start with Gemma’s (Katey Sagal) birds being mutilated and the message left on the wall.  A lot of people have taken these 2 incidents at face value and attribute them as a threat from Marks, but I totally disagree.

Killing birds is not his style and if he would have left that message he would have also taken one or both of the boys.

No, those birds were Gemma’s and killing them was about her, not the club and that message was done to scare everyone without actually hurting anyone- so it is an empty threat.

That’s why I think Wendy (Drea DeMatteo) did it as a way to get the boys out of town.  She has a love/hate relationship with Gemma so I could see her killing the birds and reasoning that this will convince Gemma and Jax that she should take the boys.

Why is this important? because I think Abel is going to end up telling Wendy and she is the one that is going to kill Gemma- remember, she is a mom too and Gemma knows all too well the lengths a mother will go to to protect her child.

Assuming Wendy gets away with it this would leave her and Nero  (Jimmy Smits) free to be together, because whether they know it or not there is something between the 2 of them.

Then there is the whole Jax/Jury showdown to breakdown.

A big part of those scenes centered around Jury talking about JT’s  manuscripts, containing evidence that would have destroyed the club and the theory that JT actually killed himself.

While I don’t think JT committed suicide I do believe there is damning evidence in regards to the club floating around and I believe we will find out what it is, or Sutter wouldn’t have mentioned it.

I also think those scenes hold the key to Jax’s fate- unlike many fans I don’t think Jax will die  in the end.

After hearing Jury talk about what JT wanted for Jax and the club I think Jax will walk away at the end and take his boys with him.

As for Juice (Theo Rossi), I think of all the dumb decisions he has made going to jail to get Lin was the dumbest of all and will cost him his life.

From Otto to Opie no good ever comes out of being in jail and we all know Jax and the club could care less about him.

The one person I’m not so sure about is Bobby (Mark Boone Junior): I want to believe he lives because I could  Moses (Matthew St. Patrick) IS all business so I could see him letting him go, but I can’t believe Marks (billy Brown) would okay that.

Marks knows if he lets Bobby live he will always be looking over his shoulder, which is why sadly, I think Bobby will die.

As for the rat, that is the one question I can’t get a handle on.  I find it hard to believe it’s one of the SAMCRO guys, but if I have to pick one I would go with Rat- he’s fairly new and he’s always in the background.

Plus, his name IS Rat, so…

Check out the pics below and tell us what you think will happen in the series finale of ‘Sons of Anarchy’.

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