A new clip and the announcement of a new character have SOA fans buzzing this weekend as  we near the September premiere.

A 2nd teaser clip has been released of the final season of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ and just like the 1st, this one will have fans speculating for weeks to come.

This clip, titled “Final Ride”, is just 21 seconds long and like it’s predecessor has no dialogue, but there is plenty that can be interpreted from it.

In the teaser, once again we see a bike barreling down the same dark mountain road that was in the 1st teaser, only this time Jax (Charlie Hunnam) is not the driver- noone is!

The bike is going all on it’s own and there is a cross on the side of the road, leaving many fans worried it’s a sign of Jax’s demise.

Now that imagery could mean Jax is gone (NO!!!!!),  but it could also symbolize a lot of other things.

It could mean Jax’s grief has consumed him and he is out of control, making the bike a symbol of  SAMCRO having no leader.  It could also mean Jax is lost and on a road to nowhere.

Personally, I think it means that Jax is on the road to vengeance.  In the 1st teaser when we see him on the bike he looks angry and determined.

In this clip he is no longer on the bike, which I interpret to mean he knows that his own mother, Gemma (Katey Segal), killed his wife Tara (the cross).

Jax has now abandoned all sympathy and love for his mom (the empty bike) and is going to kill her.

Of course, SOA creator Kurt Sutter is known for his intricate, mind-boggling plots so these clips could mean anything- we won’t really know until the season begins.

The other big announcement this weekend is that former ‘Cosby’ kid Malcolm Jamal Warner, is joining the show.

Warner will appear for at least 2 episodes, starting wit the extended season opener as Sticky, a member of The Grim Bastards and right-hand man to T.O. Cross (Michael Beach).

No word on what the plot will be, but odds are it’s not good.

There has been a tenuous relationship between the Sons and the Bastards since season 5, when the club killed Cross’ cousin, Randall Hightower, who was responsible for murdering Opie.

Beach recently sent a message on Twitter asking fans if they wanted to see “the Grim Bastards get a little revenge on the Sons”, so this probably is going to get really messy.

The 7th and final season of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ kicks off with a one hour and forty-five minute premiere episode on September 9 at 10 P.M. (EST) on FX

Immediately following the show is a special ‘Anarchy Afterwards’ after-show.

News for Shoppers will continue to bring you the latest SOA news, so check back with us.

Watch the 2nd teaser clip, “Final Ride” below: