1st Pic of Lea Michele On The Set of ‘Sons of Anarchy’  [Photo]

The first pic of Lea Michele on the set of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ was recently snapped and although we don’t see her face it appears Katy Sagal (Gemma) is sitting next to her.

Check out the picture below, courtesy of E! news and see who you think it is.

As you can see Lea’s character Gertie is in her waitress uniform, sitting on a bench smoking a cigarette.

She also looks a lot more demure than we thought she might: her hair is pulled back, she has on minimal make-up and along with her uniform and apron she’s even sporting Skippy sneakers.

Now if you look to the right of her you can see there is someone sitting next to her and judging by the huge diamond ring and  leather sleeve it’s a good bet that’s Gemma

This pic confirms previous reports that Gertie, an “emphatic waitress” would cross paths with Gemma during a  “difficult period”.

It also brings up some interesting theories to how Gemma ends up in that truck stop.

One possibility is she is running from Jax (Charlie Hunnam) who has discovered she murdered Tara.

Another equally possible scenario is that she is out on a bender over her guilt for killing Tara or her sadness over breaking-up with Nero (Jimmy Smits).

Either of these theories would translate into her being in a dark place and needing a friend, but we will have to wait and see to find out.

The 7th and final season of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ premieres September 9 at 10 P.M. (EST) on FX with a one hour and fort-five minute episode.

What do you think will happen with Gemma and Gertie?  Share your theories about the plot with us below.

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