A 5th trailer for the upcoming final season of  ‘Sons of Anarchy’  has been released that is sure to have fans everywhere talking- you can watch it below.

The video, made by show creator Kurt Sutter, is just 25 seconds long and just like the previous clips there is no sound.

It is filmed in black-and-white showing a peaceful, empty road- until the SAMCRO gang start zooming along it: then the ground starts to shake and the camera falls.

The trailer is visually stunning and the shaking would seem to be a clever metaphor for the path of destruction the club is going to inflict this season, but as always all we can do is guess.

Along with the new promo video  the titles and air dates for the first 6 episodes have been revealed, giving fans something else  to buzz about as well.

Although no descriptions were given with the titles, we can once again take some wild guesses as to what they may mean.

Here are the titles and dates, along with our predictions for what the episodes are about:

Episode 1 (September 9): “Black Widower”– This is the one episode we have a pretty good idea about.  Numerous reports have said the one hour and forty-five minute premiere episode will take place 10 days after Tara’s murder, with Jax (Charlie Hunnam) in jail on a parole violation.  There was also footage from the 1st episode shown during Comic-Con featuring Jax acting savagely against another prisoner so it’s a pretty good bet this episode will be all about Jax’s dark side.

Episode 2 (September 14): “Toil and Till”– This sounds vague both those 2 words usually refer to physical labor so my guess is the episode is about either SAMCRO battling with the other clubs or Jax laying the groundwork for his revenge.

Episode 3 (September 23): “Playing With Monsters”– This could be about a lot of things since everyone has demons.   It could be about Jax’s deal with white supremacist Ron Tully (Marilyn Manson) or his battle with his demons.   The title could also refer to Nero regretting his choice to side with the Mayans.  Of course, many see Gemma and Juice as monsters for what they did to Tara, so maybe it’s about them dealing with their guilt.

Episode 4 (September 30): “Poor Little Lambs”– Odds are this episode will focus on Abel and Thomas and their mom’s death.

Episode 5 (October 7): “Some Strange Eruption”– The title would indicate some sort of fight or blow-up, so it could be club related or maybe Jax discovering Gemma (Katey Sagal) killed his wife.

Episode 6 (October 14): “Smoke ’em if you Got ’em”– Sounds ambiguous, but since pictures of Lea Michele on set smoking have recently appeared we’re guessing this is the episode her and Gemma meet.

Except for the titles and dates this is all pure guesswork, but it will be fun to see if we got any of it right.

The 7th and final season of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ premieres September 9 at 10 P.M. (EST) on FX.

What do you think these episodes are about?  Tell us your predictions below.