Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Spoilers: Why Jax Can’t Kill Gemma

We are 2 weeks in to the final season of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ and I’ve had an epiphany: Jax can’t kill Gemma.

Now don’t misunderstand me- I’m not saying Gemma (Katey Sagal) can’t die or she shouldn’t die because she should (she better!!) I’m just saying that it can’t be Jax (Charlie Hunnam) who does it.

I know a lot of fans are probably reading this and disagreeing, but once I explain why I think you’ll agree with me.

Yes, it would be poetic justice for Jax to end her life and it would probably give him some sort of satisfaction, but ultimately it will not give him the closure he needs and will leave him a shell of a man.

I have said from the beginning that SOA is Jax’s story, it’s about how he walks the line between being an outlaw biker and being a man with a conscience, because Jax does have one.

With or without Tara Jax has always had a sense of right and wrong and has tried to land on the right side.

No, he has never been an angel, but he has never been sadistic or cruel either- his actions have always been logical and he has always tried to negotiate before resorting to violence- until now.

Now,  he is acting completely on emotion and instinct- he is not thinking about his sons, the club or anyone other than Tara and avenging her.

That is a complete 180 from who he was and although some argue that it’s already too late for him I disagree.

Yes, he is devastated and not thinking clearly- or at all really, but who Jax is at his core is still there.- all you have to do is look at the end of last week’s episode and you’ll see I’m right.

When he laid down with Abel and silently let his tears out it showed he can still feel AND that he can still be reached.

He is not without morals at this point  despite everything he has gone through and he would have to be devoid of all morals and character to kill Gemma.

That’s why I think once the truth is discovered either Chibs (Tommy Flanagan) or Bobby (Mark Boone Junior) will step in and do it for him (my money is on Chibs).

Killing his own mother, no matter how much she deserves it would break Jax- Bobby and Chibs understand that and will protect him by killing her for him.

Show creator Kurt Sutter has taken us on a glorious ride the past 6 seasons- destroying Jax would in essence destroy everything he has created and wouldn’t be true to what the show is.

Yes, there are dark, violent moments on the show, but the show itself is not dark or without hope- if it was we wouldn’t care and we wouldn’t still be watching.

SOA is and always will be about Jax- a man who is flawed but true; that’s why when we get off this wild and crazy ride I believe Jax will be left standing with his 2 little boys on either side of him, their tiny hands in his.

What do you think will happen to Jax?  Do you think Gemma should die and if so who do you think should do it?  We want to hear what you think so leave your comments below.