After last weeks stunning season premiere of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ you have to wonder if Gemma (Katey sagal), who has destroyed everything that matters to Jax (Charlie Hunnam) will destroy Jax too by the end of this final season.

Although SOA is ultimately Jax’s story of his struggle to do right while living outside the law it is also Gemma’s story ,as she is the catalyst for everything that has gone wrong for him.

I know many see Gemma as his protector, but in reality she does the exact opposite, constantly putting him in harms way.

She has systematically killed every important relationship Jax has had, figuratively and literally, slowly isolating him and leaving herself as his only “real” ally.  Let’s look at what she’s done:

-Gemma is the one who got Jax’s dad, JT killed, convincing Clay that JT’s vision for the club would ruin them all, leading to Clay murdering him.

-Gemma was the reason Clay and Jax grew to despise each other.  Fans may not remember, but there was a time Jax and Clay actually got along.  If you look back you will see that during season 6 Gemma is actually riling Clay up, telling him Jax is too much like his dad.  It was eerily similar to how she was in Clay’s ear about JT and many fans feared Jax would suffer the same fate.

The fact that she would even hint to clay that Jax isn’t good for the club shows her true colors and is what made me distrust her.  She may try to play it coy, but the fact is she wanted Clay to retain power at that point and was plotting against her own son- putting the club before her own flesh and blood!

She is also the one who lets it be known Clay killed his JT and although Jax eventually kills Clay for other reasons, she is there when he does and more or less gives her “blessing”.

-Perhaps her worst offense ever, Gemma murdered Tara, Jax’s true North and his moral anchor.  Now Tara was by no means perfect- I had come to hate her sanctimonious attitude and didn’t like how she handled wanting to take the boys away, but she didn’t deserve to die.

Gemma has always hated Tara, seeing her as competition and a threat to her own relationship with Jax and the boys.  I also believe she was jealous of Tara deep down and isn’t nearly as sorry as she says she is.

-Finally, thanks to her latest lie involving the Chinese there is little to no chance that Jax and Nero (Jimmy Smits) will remain close, which is a real shame as Nero was a father figure to Jax in many ways.

In the end, Gemma needs to go (figuratively or literally) if Jax and his sons are going to have any chance at a “normal life”.  Many of the catastrophic events he has had to deal with would never had occurred if it wasn’t for her.

Gemma is a poison and in many ways she is the silent, but lethal leader of SAMCRO, pulling everyone’s strings and making them do what she wants, whether it is good for them or not.

She will destroy the club and Jax  sooner rather than later because in the end Gemma cares about Gemma more than anyone else- including her son and grand babies.

The 7th and final season of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ continues  tonight at 10 P.M. (EST) on FX with  Episode 2, “Toil & Til”.

What do you think should happen to Gemma?  Do you think she will be Jax’s downfall? Tell us what you want to see happen to her below.