Sons of Anarchy Series Finale: A Final Ride Worth Taking

After 7 years of laughter and heartbreak, it all came down to one last ride, and it was a ride worth taking.

The series finale ‘Sons of Anarchy’ was everything we thought it would be and more

Saying goodbye is never easy, and never has that been more true than now. Fans watched and wept as the boys of SAMCRO took us on a  emotionally draining journey that is sure to stay with us for some time to come.

Jax finally made JT’s vision for the club and became the man Tara wanted. Tragically though, it came at the cost of his own life, as this final episode was all about Jax’s final journey to meet Mr. Mayhem.

From start to finish, show creator Kurt Sutter was tugging on our heart-strings. The show opened with Jax kissing his kids goodbye before taking us on a stroll down memory lane, as he went through and burnt old papers and photos- including JT’s manuscript.

He then passed by the old burnt out clubhouse before visiting Opie & Tara’s graves.

He left his SONS rings on Opie’s grave and his wedding ring on Tara’s, then kissed her headstone- it was a poignant moment fans had been waiting all season to see.

Afterwards he met up with the club, where they all unanimously voted T.O. from the Niners in as a full SAMCRO patch.

The scene was one of the feel good moments of the night- as T.O.’s patch-in made the club a true brotherhood.

From there it was all about saying goodbye as Jax set things right before his demise.

He started with Chibs (Tommy Flanagan), who couldn’t hold back the tears as Jax told him about the Mayhem vote and that the club must honor his wishes.

Chibs kept saying no, with tears in his eyes, but Jax got him to agree and also made him promise to have the club vote yes as well.

Then he visited Nero (Jimmy Smits), telling him to watch his boys and Wendy (Drea De Matteo) and made him promise his kids would never come back to Charming.

In one of the  most tragically haunting scene of the night Jax told Nero, who was also in tears, that he is not a good man and his kids need better than him.

He let Nero understand that he killed Gemma and that this was the fate he chose, although he did make Nero believe he was just taking off, not dying.

Jax and Nero always had a beautiful bond. It was painful to see Nero so hurt to be losing Jax on top of everything that happened with Gemma.

If that wasn’t hard enough to watch fans then had to see Jax kiss his kids goodbye one final time, with Abel telling him one final “I love you daddy”.

Jax’s next stop was to D.A Patterson (CC H Pounder) and told her what really happened to Tara and promised her the bad guys would lose.

He made good on that promise and cleaned house for the club, killing both Baroski and Marks, and also had one last talk with the homeless woman right before killing Marks.

Jax asked the woman who she was, to which she relied: “it’s time”, letting Jax and us know the end was coming.

Meanwhile the club, with heavy hearts, voted mayhem for Jax- even Happy had tears in his eyes.

After making things right on all fronts, fans watched in disbelief as Jax met with his club one last time.

Ironically, Jax was a better man than he knew- as evidenced by his decision to not put the burden of his death on the club.  He removed his President’s patch, giving it to Chibs, who in turn made Tigs VP.

They then shot Happy in the arm to make it look like Jax got away. Then he got on his dad’s bike and took off- saying goodbye to his club forever.

He led the cops on a chase, and taking a page from his father’s book, let go of the handlebars, crashing into a semi driving the opposite way.

In another ironic twist, the truck was driven by  Michael Chicklis, the guy who gave Gemma (Katey Sagal) a lift to her dad’s house.

It was truly one of the most beautiful and most horrible scenes to watch.  Kudos to Kurt Sutter and Charlie Hunnam for an incredible ending.

What did you think of the series finale?  Share your thoughts below.

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