Sony announces Xpera ZRA waterproof smartphone?

Sure enough, Sony has been producing them in its Xperia line of smartphones.

And they just upped the ante with the reveal of their new Xperia ZR.

Whereas the existing Xperian Z was water resistant to depth of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes, the soon to be released ZR is rated for a depth of 1.5 meters for 30 minutes.

1.5 meters…  a meter rounds off to about 3 feet, 3 inches. So this means the ZR is good to a depth of almost 5 feet.

Not exactly something you would take diving with you… or even drop into the deep end of a pool.

But the kids certainly would have fun with it in the kiddie pool. And it will probably survive that embarrassing drop into the toilet (happens more often that you would think).

The phone comes with a 4.6-inch HD display (720p) at 319 pixels per inch, 2 GB RAM, a 1.5 GHz processor Snapdragon S4 Pro and a 13 mega-pixel camera for taking those above and below water shots.

Sony has also removed the air gap between the display and touch sensor, which could possibly reduce reflections and improve contrast when compared to the Xperia Z.

Sony has made this phone a bit more rugged as well. Xperia ZR has plastic flats that protect the ports, and an anti-shatter film on the display for increased resistance to mechanical shocks.

The smartphone is expected to release sometimes this summer, but Sony has not provide an exact release date.. There’s also no word on the price. It’s expected to be offered in four colors.

What do you think of the idea of a waterproof smartphone/camera? How would you use it?

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