Today is the day Sony joins the fierce competition of music streaming service which is already heated up by Google, Apple and Amazon. Sony has announced a cloud based music service named ‘Music Unlimited’ for Android smartphones.

Sony’s aim is to compete head to head with Amazon and Apple, who are also providing cloud based services. Besides Android, Sony’s Music Unlimited will also be available in the other Sony device such as PlayStation 3, connected Sony televisions, and Blu-ray players.

Music Unlimited, Sony’s cloud based music service was launched last December.  Besides streaming seven million online songs, users will also have the capability to stream songs from their own music library. All the big music labels are included in their service, such as Warner Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group and EMI music. The service is not available worldwide. It is available to selected countries  – the US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. But the Music Unlimited app for Android will be available to a wider range, which will include Germany, Italy, Spain and Ireland.

Sony’s Qriocity service has already been restore,d which was affected by the hackers, but the question is whether they will be able to restore their lost popularity. The App is free to download in the Android Market, but users will have to pay $10 per month for the service.