Spanish, Italian, Kindles & Kindle Books Launched Today

Spanish, Italian, Kindles & Kindle Books Launched Today

Amazon is offering up ebooks written in Spanish and Italian starting today.

The Spanish and Italian versions of the Kindle ereader also became available today. The Spanish version is sold through, the Italian version is at

Amazon says that there are over 22,000 Spanish-language ebooks available for the Spanish version, and over 20 of the Top 30 El Cultural fiction and non-fiction best Spanish-Kindlesellers. Over 1000 free classics are available in Spanish. also offers books in Catalan, Basque and Galician.

For the Italian version, over 16,000 Italian-language ebooks are available, along with a variety of best sellers and 100’s of free Italian classics.

Both Kindle versions are priced at 99EUR. Only the basic wifi Kindle is being offered through and at this time. None of the ‘special offers’, Touch or Fire versions of Amazon Kindle are available through those sites.

Amazon also announced that Spanish and Italian language authors and publishers can make their books available through these Kindles and earn a royalty while maintaining the rights to their own books.

“E-books and direct online sales by writers are revolutionary,” said Rosa Montero, and award-winning author and journalist. “Programs like KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), where I’m publishing three titles, allows everyone — beginners or famous writers — to publish under the same conditions, quickly and with control of their work. It also subverts the rules that dictate a book must sink without a trace in two months. It’s almost a miracle.”

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