Sparkle Reviews: Movie Panned, But Houston “Superb” [Trailer]

Sparkle Reviews: Movie Panned, But Houston “Superb” [Trailer]

Sparkle was recently released and Whitney Houston managed to receive very positive reviews for her performance in the movie. However, the same thing can’t be said about the movie itself, which is getting very mixed reviews.

One The Examiner reviewer said:

“It’s an all too familiar storyline that we’ve seen before. However, what makes ‘Sparkle’ work, and sadly bittersweet, is this final on-screen performance by Whitney Houston”

An article by Owen Gilberman in Entertainment Weekly said:

“At times, it’s like a Joan Crawford neurotic-mother fantasy, and the gravelly conviction of Whitney Houston’s performance proves that this could have been the first step not merely in a comeback but in a major re-invention. She had the instincts of a superb character actress.”

Others raved about the performance that Whitney Houston had and the general belief is that this could have been a re-start for her career.

Bobbi Kristina, Houston’s daughter, wrote a letter to the late Whitney and it was published in Ebony Magazine. A part of it was:

“I’m so proud that you were able to finish making ‘Sparkle’ before things happened. You did it for us. Mom, you had such a great time making the movie. You glowed throughout…you just glowed…My mother being so happy was an absolutely beautiful thing for me to watch. I’m very proud of you.”

It is too early to say whether or not Whitney’s performance will boost sales for Sparkle, since the movie itself does not have very good reviews. The film was panned over on Rotten Tomatoes, receiving a score of just 57% from critics. But actual movie goers gave it a 75% ‘liked it’ rating on the movie reviews site, and fans have already declared that they will enjoy the singer/actress’ last work with pride.

Below you can see the trailer for Sparkle. The movie is shown in many theatres across US.


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