Spiderman on Broadway, or more properly: “Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark”, had a preview performance last night that will likely never be forgotten by the 1800 people in attendance.

Picture this: The $65 million spectacular – with incredible technogadetry, scenery, and soaring actors, was set to take place. Members of the audience, some reportedly paying up to $275 for Spiderman tickets, sat in eager anticipation of seeing this first ever preview performance.

Then it began… but things didn’t go quite according to plans, according to reviews and published reports.

Rather than soaring, Act 1 ended with Spiderman hanging, literally, over the audience, stuck. In all, there were a total of five delays due to  falling stage wires, dangling actors and technical issues. The rock musical stretched to three hours, forty minutes, once all the delays were accounted for.

While some theater goers left during the delays, others stayed through to the end and said they are sure it will be a blockbuster once the problems are dealt with. Broadway critics were not so kind.  Michael Riedel, of NYPost.com, called it ” an epic flop”.

Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark” is a creation from U2’s Bono and the Edge. It’s directed by Julie Taymore, director of “The Lion King”. Spiderman will be in previews for the next six weeks. The planned grand opening is scheduled for Jan 11, 2011.