Spot It! Holidays: A Perfect Game For Family Gatherings

Spot It! Holidays is a simple family game that’s easy to teach and quick to play.

If your family is like mine, board games are a part of Christmas gatherings. But full bellies and three hours of Monopoly invariably end in disappointment.

Spot It! Holidays is one in a huge collection of games that are a creative — and less painful — take on Slap Jack.

That means the game works for ages 6 and up, and you can play with from two to eight players.

Although the game can be played four different ways, and you can add tournament rules if you want, the concept is simple.

Each round card in the deck has eight symobls on it. One of those symbols — and only one — matches every other card in the deck.

Your job is to yell the matching symbol before anyone else does.

The beauty of this game is that kids and adults have a pretty even shot.

When I played, I found that once I’d made a match, I was tuned into the symbol I’d matched, even though it didn’t match the next card.

So while I was staring at Santa stuck in the chimney, my opponent was yelling, “Snowflake!”

Spot It! Holidays was full of yelling and laughter.

The round cards feel just right, the tin they come in is a nice touch, and the rules are clear and easy to follow. The price of $13 to $16.50 seems reasonable given how much we’ll play this game.

There is one caveat: The name “Holidays” is a bit deceiving. This is a Christmas game, complete with Santa and angels.

If you don’t celebrate Christmas, you’d be better off with one of the myriad other versions, from Major League Baseball to Basic French to Disney.

There are also versions for even younger players, and a party game for 10 and up.

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