Spotify Vs Pandora Vs Grooveshark

After many years of waiting, the ever popular music streaming program has made it to the United States. This program will consist of some free services, but the company is hoping Americans will do as 2 million Europeans have done, and sign up for the paid service. The price for the service will be $5.00 per month for the service on a computer, and $10.00 in order to get it on various mobile devices.

So how does Spotify stack up against the competition?

In terms of the quality and song availability, Spotify relays that they already have 15 millions songs in their library. When compared with Pandora, who has only 8 million, they have almost double the library. As for Grooveshark, there are many more in this program as they are uploaded by the users. This means that the quality of songs can be compromised.

When it comes to social features, Grooveshark gains the lead over the others. While the only social feature on Pandora is to connect with Facebook, and nothing else, the new Spotify lets users connect with friends through Twitter, Facebook, email and text messages. However with Grooveshark it is possible to connect directly to Facebook and Google with the click of a button and also gives users access to: StumbleUpon, Reddit, and embedded widget.

One of the things that people who use this type of music streaming software like the most is that fact that they can discover new artists and songs. The best program for this is Pandora, as they use a specific software that creates playlists based on users preferences.The others will make suggestions, but in practice they do not appear to be very accurate.

So all in all, each has software has their strong points, it is up to the user to decide which features are most important for them.