Dillards is celebrating the onset of spring with some new floral designs in the shoe department.

The Flower Sandal by Born features a sculpted blossom top and comes in a variety of colors. Sold for $99.00, this sandal is made of leather with a polyurethane outsole and has a 4.25 inch heel with a plastic shank. The Miss sandal from the same collection has both a top strap and a heel strap with an adjustable buckle. Its blossom has a wild flower appeal to it. It also sells for $99.00.

The Iris Wedge Sandal by Nurture is now at Dillards for $79.99. Featuring 3 sculpted irises on top, this sandle comes in 4 colors, is made of leather, and has an adjustable ankle strap. The sole has a silicone get insert for comfort. The 3.75 inch wedge heel is cover with cork, and the outsole is textured for better traction.

GB has manufactured the Flower Girl Thong Sandal of tumbled or metallic leather, based on the color chosen. The flowers are made of sculpted leather. This sandal has a slingback strap with an adjustable buckle, a flexible outsole, and a half inch molded heel. It sells for $49.99.

A complete list of Dillards new floral designs are now posted on dillards.com.