Sprint Looking For “The Next Big App”

Sprint Looking For “The Next Big App”

Do you have experience in developing smartphone apps?

Sprint and its partners, Samsung and the Wireless Industry Partnership, are holding the Sprint Hackathon to challenge new and experienced developers to create an app for their products.

The Hackathon will be done on October 23, 2012. Any developer who registers with the Hackathon. regardless of if they win a prize or not, will be given free registration to the annual Sprint Open Solutions Conference to be held from October 24-25.

The Hackathon will include several open categories for which developers can enter their specially-designed apps. Most of these categories have cash prizes for the winning app. Some of the following are the categories with cash prizes:

  • Best in Show: This is for the top overall app. The winner of the Best in Show will not only receive a generous cash prize among other prizes, but will also be featured in the keynote speech given by Sprint CEO Dan Hesse, which will take place at the opening of the Open Solutions Conference on October 24.
  • Samsung Categories: This category is for apps dealing in creating a unique user experience for those using the Samsung S Pen SDK (a new stylus pen released by Samsung for the Galaxy Note smartphone.)
  • Best Commerce App: A category to compete in finding the smoothest way to integrate mobile payment and retail experience.
  • Best Use of Mobile Advertising: For this category, Sprint is looking for an app to create an easy-going method of effectively using ads.

According to Sprint’s Product Vice President Kevin McGinnis,

“Sprint is excited to host a hackathon event with Samsung and WIP in conjunction with the Open Solutions Conference. Sprint is committed to exposing capabilities that will help developers create richer apps. By holding this event with our Open Solutions Conference, we are giving developers the opportunity to collaborate and network with experts in the mobile ecosystem. We are looking forward to seeing the creativity that will bring the next big app to market.”

The registration fee to include an app is $20.00. The registration form for the Sprint Hackathon is here.

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