Star Trek Into Darkness: Review From A Non-Trekkie

Most people have some sort of expectations of a Star Trek movie.

The classic franchise has millions of fans who have religiously studied every character and plot nuance so they can dissect this new film with the  precision of a brain surgeon.

Sadly (or maybe not)… I cannot. I am not a trekkie.

I may have a seen a few episodes channel surfing in my teen years and maybe half of “The Search for Spock”. So this review is from a different prospective than most, since I had no preconceived ideas of what Star Trek Into Darkness or the characters should be like.

** There will some spoilers**

First off this is an action movie. Not science fiction. Not fantasy. Action.

This was fine for me because I like action movies. However most of the movie was like watching a Die Hard or Rambo or anything starring Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson. Until you see one of the fantastic shots of this majestic space ship and you’re all like “Oh yeah, they’re in space”.

The movie begins with the crew of the Enterprise already in some deep doo-doo, on some faraway indigenous planet.

Apparently, they are attempting to save these primitive people from a massive volcano eruption that would decimate the entire planet’s population, not to mention smear their elaborate Halloween make-up.

However, they’re not having any of that and are chasing Captain Kirk (Chris Pine)and Bones (Karl Urban) through the jungle at break neck speed. Why? I dunno, they never mention it.

Meanwhile, Spock (Zachary Quinto)is inside the volcano trying detonate some kinda ice cube thingy to save the humanoid beings. He’s having some trouble and he’s looking like he’s gonna die and the only thing he is concerned with however is that they don’t break the rules and expose themselves to the claymation people who apparently have already seen them, thus the chasing.

A lot of really suspenseful things happen and they manage to save Spock at the last minute.

However he doesn’t seem too happy about it because to save him they have to come out of their secret hiding place underwater(yes seriously underwater). All the clay homies saw the ship and then draw a picture of it in the sand and then fell to their knees to worship it. This is a big no-no. Why? I dunno, they never mention that part again.

But you leave that scene certain about one thing, Spock plays by the rules even if he has to die by them.

At least I thought he did until the crew is back at headquarters and Pike played by Bruce Greenwood is chewing them out since Spock ratted out Kirk for breaking the rules to save his life.

Then Pike lets the cat out of the bag and tells us that the whole mission was against the rules, they were only supposed to go take a little looky loo and not attempt to save the clay homies. Apparently the whole mission of Star Fleet is to be some kind of intergalactic peeping tom fraternity. Who knew?

These scenes set up a theme in the movie, Spock’s refusal to break rules and Kirk’s disdain of them. Except Spock was breaking rules when he got pissed at Kirk for breaking rules, so yeah, I don’t get that.

And the movie pretty much goes on like that.

The scenes are good by themselves and if a plot point doesn’t make sense, well, there’s an awesome fighting or spaceship flying scene to distract you.

What else happens?

Let’s see… there’s a romance between Uhura (Zoe Saldana) and Spock that had about as much heat as the ice cubes melting in my over-sized Coke. However, the budding bromance between Spock and Kirk was way more believable and enjoyable to watch.

Benedict Cumberbatch was awesome as Kahn. He kicks a lot of butt and he’s got that smooth baritone voice that makes you all sympathetic to his cause. So you kind of don’t care if he wants to commit complete genocide.

All in all, it was fun to watch, and not a complete waste of money. However, I could have waited for Redbox.

What did you think of Star Trek Into Darkness? Leave your comments below!

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