Star War Galaxies Online Game To Close – Hacking Issues Denied

On 15th December this year Sony will announce the close of their famous Star War Galaxies (SWG) Online game.  The players received this news via email messages sent to them recently. The main reason Sony explains, is that their contract runs out next year. Players will be treated to a series of events as the game goes out with a bang. The arrival of a separate Star Wars game will push the older version into the outer galaxies. This deal gets even better because all billing for this game will stop in October. Anyone playing after that will get a free fall lasting 3 months until the final closure in December.

Launched in 2003 the Star Wars Galaxies online game saw many players take an online adventure at the same time as they battled the forces together. More than a million copies of this game were sold in June 2003 making it very popular. Players can choose between a variety of 10 different characters as they battle alien ships and creatures. Later changes to the game made it less complex for the veteran players and made it lose its initial appeal.

Sony has denied claims that their game could have been compromised by attacks from hackers. They also reiterate that their numbers have been steady for a long time.